Bridges Awards 2022

Winners to be announced at Bridges 2022 09 March 2022 #bridgesawards22


There will be four categories, three of which are divided by size of project:

The Bridges Design Award 

The Bridges Design Award aims to identify an outstanding project that combines engineering skill, aesthetics, technical innovation and environmental considerations.

< GBP£5 million
> GBP£5 million 

The Bridges Construction Award

The Bridges Construction Award is presented to an organisation or partnership that has demonstrated remarkable achievement during a construction project involving one or more crossings.

< GBP£5 million
> GBP£5 million 

The Bridges Award for New Life

The Bridges Award for New Life recognises an outstanding project involving bridge refurbishment, reconstruction, repurposing or retrofitting for the benefit of the local community.

< GBP£5 million
> GBP£5 million 

The Bridges Management Award

The Bridges Management Award (no size restrictions) recognises innovative best practice by a bridge owner and/or service provider in the management, maintenance, assessment, monitoring or inspection of a crossing/crossings in the UK.


The Official charity for event will be Bridges to Prosperity:


Projects must meet the following criteria:

  1. The projects must be for rail, vehicle, pedestrian/cyclist crossings.
  2. Design/Construction/New Life entries: projects must relate to bridges that opened to the public between 1 January 2021 and 1 January 2022. Management entries: projects or initiatives must have started between 1 January 2021 and 1 January 2022.*
  3. Projects must be for structure/structures located in the United Kingdom. 


The judging panel will be chaired by José María Sánchez de Muniáin, editor of Bridge design & engineering magazine, and will include independent experts from the following organisations: The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport; Bridge Owners Forum; Transport Scotland; Transport NI, Network Rail; Welsh Government and Highways England.

The judges will be given complete freedom in reaching their final decisions, but will take particular note of the following criteria:

• fitness for purpose
• environmental impact
• value for money
• quality of design and construction
• successful cooperation between parties
• innovation
• appearance and harmony with the environment
• efficient use of materials
• safety
• application of research and development results
• benefit to the community
• life-cycle costs


Your entry should include the nomination statement: this should be in PDF format, 800 words maximum and no more than ten images. Payment by credit card will be required to finalise the process. See ‘How to enter’ for more details about content. Deadline for entry is 19 January 2022.


*Clarification added 10 March, 2021 to acknowledge the difference between management-related projects and new design/construction/refurbishment projects.